Monday, March 8, 2010

post fire

Great weekend at the lake ... till the firetrucks showed up.

Marty and I went up to the lake Saturday. Marty's birthday was Thursday, so we were just having a small celebration for him ... I made his favorite cake and we cooked on the grill and sat outside around the fire laughing at/with each other well into the evening ... woke up yesterday morning and made another fire, and the laughing continued ... the gals went into the main cabin and we made a nice breakfast (more like lunch cause it was nearly 11am!) for everyone. We then cleaned up our little cabin and outside a bit ... Marty and I both admired our little abode ... we feel so blessed for wonderful friends and a comfortable little get-away that costs us very little/month to rent. We said our g'byes and drove home (about 45 minutes away).

3pm my phone rang ... was my sister in law crying saying something about a fire at the lake ... we made a flying trip back to the cabin (30 minutes away this time) and were astounded at what we saw. Apparently, one of our friends' camper had some sort of electrical short and that was it ... started at the camper, jumped to the storage building, taking with it thousands of $$s worth of tools and other things, then followed the fence over to our little haven ... went up the side and to the roof just about the time the fire department arrived, so damage to our little place is minimal compared to that of Emo's camper and the community storage building. If any of you have ever been through a fire, you will understand what I'm talking about when I speak of the mess that is left after. Will take a lot of work to get things back to the way they were ... we are sad, but thankful that no one was hurt. Fire is so intriguing ... got so hot there that it drew the sap and knots out of the wood siding on the main cabin.

I'm going to include pictures of Saturday ... then yesterday after the fire. Makes me sad to look at them, but again .... I am thankful.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Beautiful snow from 2 weeks ago

This was my front yard 2 weeks ago ...

Anyone out there?

Hello blogger friends ... if you have stuck w/ me during my absence, thank you ... :) I don't have any particular excuse or reason for my hiatus. I know we're all busy .. and we all have lives, so ... that will not do. Just know that I am back. I look forward to catching up on all that I've missed w/ those that I follow. :)

Let's see .... a quick update. I'm still working at home for the company based out of Atlanta. I don't like it any better or worse than I did this time last year. I'm hanging in there. :) I'm also still doing that extra shift every now and then (about 2/month) at a nearby hospital on Orthopedics. Just livin the dream! heh

It has recently been determined that I have a complex miniscus tear in my left knee .... the treatment is surgical repair through arthroscopy. Why haven't I had it fixed? (the first question everyone asks me) ... because I'm a chicken. I'm in severe pain w/ it now, so it's not fear of post-op pain ... I won't really miss any days (maybe 1) from my full-time job, so it's not a PTO issue ... perhaps it's the possibility of brief dependance. OK it's probably a control thing, too ... and there's a small fear of post-op infection, also. Ultimately, however, I will have it done ... sooner than later. I'm in that dreaded catch-22 ... need to exercise to lose weight, but .... hurts too much to exercise.

Maizie is doing well ... thriving ... but lonely for a little sister. I so want to get another terrier (scotty, westie, cairn, or rat), but Marty is saying "no", as he doesn't feel we have the time to devote to another dog ... I disagree. :) He's probably right, but .. we'll see how things go.

We are expecting some snow today .... oops, I just looked out my window ... we are getting snow as we speak. (big huge flakes!) I don't think it'll accumulate, though, because it's 38 degrees right now. We had a really beautiful snow a couple of weeks ago, which pretty much paralized our area (gotta love the south) ... will post some pics today or tomorrow.

OK, 1 more cup of coffee, then it's off to the shower to get my day really going. Ya'll have a wonderful Tuesday. :)