Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Anyone out there?

Hello blogger friends ... if you have stuck w/ me during my absence, thank you ... :) I don't have any particular excuse or reason for my hiatus. I know we're all busy .. and we all have lives, so ... that will not do. Just know that I am back. I look forward to catching up on all that I've missed w/ those that I follow. :)

Let's see .... a quick update. I'm still working at home for the company based out of Atlanta. I don't like it any better or worse than I did this time last year. I'm hanging in there. :) I'm also still doing that extra shift every now and then (about 2/month) at a nearby hospital on Orthopedics. Just livin the dream! heh

It has recently been determined that I have a complex miniscus tear in my left knee .... the treatment is surgical repair through arthroscopy. Why haven't I had it fixed? (the first question everyone asks me) ... because I'm a chicken. I'm in severe pain w/ it now, so it's not fear of post-op pain ... I won't really miss any days (maybe 1) from my full-time job, so it's not a PTO issue ... perhaps it's the possibility of brief dependance. OK it's probably a control thing, too ... and there's a small fear of post-op infection, also. Ultimately, however, I will have it done ... sooner than later. I'm in that dreaded catch-22 ... need to exercise to lose weight, but .... hurts too much to exercise.

Maizie is doing well ... thriving ... but lonely for a little sister. I so want to get another terrier (scotty, westie, cairn, or rat), but Marty is saying "no", as he doesn't feel we have the time to devote to another dog ... I disagree. :) He's probably right, but .. we'll see how things go.

We are expecting some snow today .... oops, I just looked out my window ... we are getting snow as we speak. (big huge flakes!) I don't think it'll accumulate, though, because it's 38 degrees right now. We had a really beautiful snow a couple of weeks ago, which pretty much paralized our area (gotta love the south) ... will post some pics today or tomorrow.

OK, 1 more cup of coffee, then it's off to the shower to get my day really going. Ya'll have a wonderful Tuesday. :)



  1. So glad to see you are posting again.

  2. Good to see you're back on the blogs. Hope to see some more posts from you soon.

    Sorry I took so long to see this, but I've been a bad blogger lately.

    Glad Maizie is doing well.

    Hope you have that surgery, and that it helps.