Monday, February 2, 2009

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Monday ... off today. Had a busy weekend. Marty has become like a slave-driver on the weekends! He starts talking Friday night about how "we're not gonna sleep in tomorrow; we have too much to do!" ... now me?, I love to sleep in on the weekends ... granted, compared to Marty, I sleep in EVERYDAY. But I love waking up, knowing I don't have to work that day, then dozing back off without worrying about oversleeping. Well, Marty has a bug in his shorts these days, so, I was up by 0800 both Saturday and Sunday.

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Saturday, we took some items to storage, then went to the local furniture store, "Real Deals", which is basically a refurbished factory full of ... well ... real deals! heh Most companies have a Mission Statement. Real Deals has an Obsession Statement. Check out the link. They have a rug building with thousands of rugs of all sizes and prices. We picked out an area rug for our living room, then headed over to the furniture building and picked up our recliners. They looked different than I remembered. I could have sworn we ordered the Berklines ... Marty reminded me that we contemplated buying them, but ultimately decided on the Ashleys because they looked to be put together more sturdily. Beautiful, regardless ... I love them! With the area rug, it all ties in nicely.

After we got the rug laid and chairs in their places, we decided to try one of the new restaurants in Jefferson, where we live. Jefferson is a very small town in Georgia, so anytime a new restaurant opens up, it's a big deal. Anyway, I was leary, as I love food and I am easily disappointed with sub-par eating experiences .. but I'm always willing to try new things, so, we walked into "Fusion on the Square". WOW. It used to be "Ingenio's Pizza", which I thought was decent, but the inside was BLAH ... I felt like I'd walked into a ritzy, Atlanta pub Saturday afternoon ... they had redone the inside completely, using rich browns, dark woods, burnt oranges, and wrought iron fixtures. Their menu is not overly broad, but offers enough to appeal to everyone. Marty had a club on sourdough with steak fries ... I had the chicken tenders with steak fries. Everything had a unique flavor, and VERY tasty. The service could not have been better, which is also a "biggie" with me! Fusion also offers a Sunday brunch, and the menu ranges from shrimp and grits (a delicious Southern tradition) to french toast. The dinner menu is much more elaborate; I was trying to think what exactly was on it, but I know they do have some seafood dishes, as well as several different cuts of steak, which I'm sure would melt in your mouth! Their dessert menu also offerred some fresh-made peach cobbler and molten lava cake! We passed on dessert, though. Oh, also, they have a full coffee/espresso bar, literally ... We WILL be going back there.

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Saturday night, I had a couple of work-friends come over for grilled hamburgers and some Wii. They were so funny, as they'd never played Wii before ... after a couple of daquiris, they were ski jumping, hula-hooping, and bowling like pros! It was good to have them over, cause we got our house really clean in preparing for visitors! SECRET: I will sometimes invite friends over because we always go nuts deep-cleaning the house! heh It's nice to have it done, but sometimes takes a little push like "company" to get us in gear!

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Sunday, we went to Home Depot and got some wood blinds for the living room, kitchen, and dining room. We also picked up a couple of lamps/tables for our recliners. The bench I ordered from Target should be arriving sometime this week, so ... I will send a finished picture once everything's done! It's looking really nice! Next on our list is our bedroom and bathroom.

All for now ... guess I had more to say than I thought today! Gotta get tax stuff together in hopes of heading to H&R Block when Marty gets home from work this afternoon, otherwise we'll have to wait till Saturday or next Monday.

Ya'll have a good one!

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UPDATE: After looking at my blog, I need help . .. my graphics are choppy ... I want a nice header ... even a better template (other than what's offered here) ... how do I do this? Most of the blogs I follow are SO nicely put together ... I'm on a quest! Help!!!


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  2. Sounds like an exhausting - though very productive - weekend! :)

    What is it you want to do with your blog?

  3. Well, take your blog, for instance. Solid blue background ... yellow box around your headline, cute pictures along the right margin ... just things like that. Is that doable just within this blogger website?? Maybe I'm missing something.

  4. You need to go to the "Layout" tab. Then to "Pick a template" pick one where the style and colour is closest to what you want.

    When you have done that, go to "fonts and colours" and change the colours, font styles and font sizes until you're happy with them.

    Then go to "page elements" and "add a gadget"... Look through the list in the new window that opens and pick the kind of gadget you want. Then add whatever you want on it. Links list, short bit of text, picture... Etc!

    Then - when you've done that - drag and drop the gadgets until they're in the order you want them to appear in on your blog.

    Hope that helps! :)

  5. it DOES!! Thanks so much, Miss Tori.

  6. I hope you know that if I ever get to come and visit, you do NOT have to deep clean your house. But I do know what you mean. Matter of fact a similar thing happened at my house too for SuperBowl. Then no one even noticed because the kitchen was trashed with more food than an army could have eaten.