Thursday, February 19, 2009

I'm alive and kicking ... really I am.

Sorry for my absence ... between my stress about my upcoming surgery and the stress related to the fact that Marty informed me they're "cutting back hours at work soon" ... I've had my head in the sand for a while. Gonna start picking up a day or 2/week back at the hospital in March, most likely ... tryin really hard to be thankful I have that, as I realize some don't have job 1, much less "extra job opportunity". I have to gear my mind to "no alternative, no choice, something I've got to do". I'm gettin there. :) Marty feels bad, of course, because he's been a printer, and only a printer for the past 25 years. Unfortunately, the printing business is doing about as well as any other business these days. It just sucks. If it weren't for our stinking credit card debt, we would be absolutely fine without his full income. I hate credit cards. HATE them. He is looking for handy work ... he's very good at construction and has actually built 2 of his own houses in the past. But again, unfortunately, that is slow as well.

Well, I finally did it this morning. Septoplasty, turbinate resection, and polypectomy. It was on my list of "Oh Hell No, you're not doin that to me!" surgeries. All in all, I'm feeling OK .... just feel like I have a couple of metro newspapers lodged in my sinuses ... originally, I said "Denver Post" ... I'm about to change it to the "New York Times". OH ... let's make that the Sunday edition while we're at it. I will try to add more as my recovery progresses. My packing comes out Monday, and I'm hoping to be back to work a week from today.

I will be catching up on everyone's back-blogs and commenting ... I've missed you all!!!


  1. Oh, you poor thing! That looks uncomfortable! When you get better, I will pay you twice the amount of what it costs for that case of Pop Tarts. the meantime, though, I hope you are feeling better soon.

  2. soon as I'm on the mend and presentable, I'll go get them!

  3. OOO that looks ouchie, what kind of surgery was that. I speak stupid people terms when it comes to medical stuff.

    I know about 6 years back my husband had the whole roto rooter thing in his nose, and had his soft pallet reshaped, tonsils taken out, uvula taken out and a wedge out of the back of his tongue taken out, all at the same time. He had lots of packing too, but the worst part is when he found out they soaked the packing in a cocaine solution. hehehehe

    Anywhooo..seen you were following my blog, so thought I would come stalk you too. hehehehe

  4. Just WOW. That looks very uncomfortable. I'm glad that it went well. I'm sorry about Marty's job. Hopefully this "dry" spell will pass quickly.


  5. Glad you're doing OK... Hope you're better soon though. *Hugs*

    Hope things don't get too bad because of all the cut backs being done at work. I'm sure it's made things really bad for some families (or, will do in the not too distant future). Hope "some families" doesn't end up including yours!

    And, you don't need to appologise for not being around. 1. You had very good reasons. 2. Many people aren't about much lately. And 3. You don't have to be around the blogs all the time. Real life comes first, after all! :)

  6. You eyes tell the story - that's a tough surgery. Glad to read the packing was out and that your 'snoreless:)Take care.