Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Confidence and conviction

I've been thinking about what my New Years resolutions should/will be. In my job, I have to ask folks about "confidence and conviction" based on a 1-10 scale. (you know how we nurses love those 1-10 scales!) "How confident are you that you can make these changes?" ... "How convinced are you that you need to make these changes?" I'm really not sure why we ask these, because we proceed regardless of their answers. These are great questions. Now, how do I answer them for myself? Well, let me list them first .... here goes.

1. Make a better effort to keep in touch with family/friends.
2. Take my health seriously; get my cholesterol #s down/up; lose 50 lbs this year
3. Stop ignoring my finances (because I'm scared shitless of being broke again) and take
control of them.
4. Be more organized, especially with mail/bills.

Confidence: 10
Conviction: 10

Nearly time to shower and get to work (which just involves stepping out into the garage, and into my office). Not looking forward to making phonecalls after about 7pm tonight ... no plans for tonight ... lame. Looks like I'd better add another resolution.

6. Be more social. (like I used to be)

Happy New Year, all. So long, 2008.

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