Monday, April 13, 2009

Luggage is safer than patients?

Ahh ... Monday .... wet Monday. We are getting another soaking rain today, with the threat of severe thunderstorms later in the afternoon. I'm doing a bit of OT today (agreed to 10a-4p) ... let's hope my connection cooperates! The grass and shrubs are looking devine! Here's a couple of shots of what it looked like as the storm approached last Friday.
We spent some time in the closet Friday evening, at my urging!!! I swear, Marty was willing to ride it out on the front porch with the camera ... not ME. I hear sirens, and it's automatic for me ... no dilly-dallying around!!! You would think I had a firecracker in my drawers ... I'm OUTTA there.

The lake this weekend is lookin great as well ... the water has nearly made it back into the cove and our neighbors' dock is actually floating again! I had a great time watching them with their 3 dogs this weekend. Looks like they have a couple of Golden Retreivers and 1 terrier-sort dog (tail curled up on it's back) Those dogs sure do love the water! We got our bed set up and the kitchen/living room painted (for the most part ... still have a bit left). It's lookin good! Built a fire Saturday night and after dinner, we all sat around singing, dancing, and laughing.

Yesterday, Kayla and I went to see "I Love You, Man" ... it was OK. The funniest parts were shown in the previews. Came home, threw some chops on the grill, and sat out on the deck and drank a beer and munched on some leftover cucumber salsa. Just a really laid-back weekend. :)

Good Lord ... on GMA just now, they did a little clip on hospital patient safety, and compared it to flying ... did you know that a piece of luggage at an airport is safer than a patient in the hospital? Have you SEEN how luggage is handled????? How it sometimes gets lost and doesn't make it to it's destination????????? Ooooohhhhhhh .... scarey. But, unfortunately, I can see it ... *shaking my head*

Happy Monday, folks ...


  1. Sounds like the cabin is coming along nicely. :)

    I used to be scared of storms. But now I'm one of those who'd be happy to sit out on the porch watching them.

    I can well believe the thing about luggage being safer than patients in a hospital. I've spent enough time in hospitals to know that it's true. And - to be honest - the only reason my last couple of trips didn't earn a letter of complaint is that I'm not sure where to send it. The way patients are treated and cared for is disgusting. There are a few nurses and doctors who are the acception to the rule. But majority of them need a few lessons in manners, people skills, and how to show care and consideration to their patients. Not to mention the fact that communication skills are sadly lacking, so that one doctor/nurse doesn't know even where to find things to treat a patient, let alone what they should be looking for. And maybe one of these days I'll go in to hospital and only have to give my information once, instead of having to brief every single nurse or doctor myself. Since - after all - notes are far too difficult for a doctor or nurse to look through. So, yes, I can believe it!

  2. Sounds like a nice weekend, Marce. Wish I was there! :)