Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Hasta la vista, Prozac.

Tuesday ... set my alarm for the first time in a while, because I've been sleeping too much and missing my "down time" before work ... I like to pour my coffee, sit in hubby's chair, and watch
"Regis and Kelly" for the 1st 30 minutes before my shower. Lately, I've been sleeping to the point where I get up and right into the shower, coffee later. Well, I hit the snooze, then turned the alarm completely off. Woke up 30 minutes later to Maizie licking my hand. So, got up.

Feeling much better in the mornings ... overall, really. My doctor wanted to try me on Prozac a couple of months ago because I'm a worry-wart. She also thought it might suppress my appetite some, which it did, by making me feel this underlying nausea nearly 24/7. I've managed to drop a few pounds (no double digits) since starting it. Well, this past month, I've felt like CRAP. Over the past week, I weaned myself off the Prozac and am off of it now and feeling better. (DISCLAIMER: Folks, do not try this at home ... do as I say, not as I do!) Incidentally, I plan to call my MD and inform her of my action. Pinkie swear!

AirTran has flights from Atlanta to Wichita for $64.00 one-way!! I've talked it over with Marty and am 99% sure I'm going home a week from Saturday for 4 days. What I'll save in air fare, I'll spend on a rental car, as Wichita is 4.5 hours from my parents' house. Let us pray for NO BLIZZARD. :) Just gotta let my brothers know in case they can coordinate a visit for the same weekend at this short notice. I can hear one of them grumbling already.

This'll be ... wierd .... I'm sure I'll be seeing ex-hubby ... still having "those" dreams about him ... had another one last night. Better pull out that Divorce Decree before I head home to remind myself what a cold bastard he is.

Boo, you have me craving Pumpkin Spice coffee and I don't even like pumpkin coffee!!!! :)


  1. What Prozac was to you, Wellbutrin was to me. I self weened as well. Not recommended but I think I'm such a brainy smurf that I can do whatever I want.

    That Pumpkin Spice is the bomb diggity!!

  2. Another great post! I finally caved and am taking antidepressants to settle my tummy - I felt so ill all the time with nausea. Did the trick - my Doc told me there is one cure for my nausea but I want to keep him home as long as I can.