Friday, January 23, 2009

Longing for Spring/Fall ...

Another week gone ... another week closer to Springtime!! My favorite time in Georgia is Fall, however. I have some awesome pics to share from my favorite season. It's overcast and we have a chance for rain today, but at least it's supposed to warm up just a bit.

The bumps on Maizie's back/base of her tail are still there ... unchanged ... no better/no worse, but there seems to be more popping up randomly. We have been very faithful for 2 weeks with the prescription dog food only .. no table food whatsoever ... no treats. We did a flea treatment last week also, though we've not seen any fleas and she's not been scratching more than usual. Now, her right eye is gunky (is that a medical term? I don't think so, but ya'll know what I mean). It was really gunky 2 days ago, and getting progressively better, and hardly gunky at all this morning, but still somewhat. I don't know what's going on with her. I guess we'd better consider taking her back to the vet again. Maybe we haven't done the food trial long enough to really see any improvement. She doesn't seem uncomfortable ... but I am. *sigh* Any thoughts?

I think I mentioned my 21 year old daughter moved back in with us at the end of the year ... when she was with us before, she was a SLOB. I had a brief talk with her when she moved back about expectations, etc ... I am loving this new Kayla. She makes fresh coffee every morning, makes her bed every morning, doesn't leave her stuff scattered all over the bathroom, and does her dishes. Wow. I hope it lasts!

I've decided to sell my eliptical. I paid nearly $700 for it 3 years ago ... and that's a lot of money to spend on a clothes hanger. It's gotta go. Clearly, I'm not gonna use it. Clearly, hubby is not gonna use it. It's taking up room and gathering dust. It's gotta go. A friend is coming by tomorrow night to take a look at it.

OK here's the Fall Georgia pics I mentioned earlier. Ya'll have a good day!


  1. Georgia looks alot like Maine

  2. Very beautiful. I bought a treadmill last August and "so far so good" said with fingers crossed!

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  4. help! thought I lost my comment - pls delete one - thanks.