Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Patience & Faith ...

OK, so I'm what hubby calls a "band geek". I wear it proudly. I love music of all kinds and can play several instruments ... used to, anyway. Considering the fact that I am a reality TV junkie, American Idol is right up there among my favorite shows. I'm not sure how adding this 4th judge to the panel is going to impact the dynamics ... should be interesting. To be honest, I'd appreciate less panel antics and more auditions.

Today is a late day for me ... working 12:30pm-11:00pm. I heard through the grapevine that overtime is being offered again ... I'll be jumping on that! Having my office at home makes overtime a no-brainer!

Maizie is beginning day 5 with no table-food or treats ... she is not liking it AT ALL ... we are not liking it because she gives us these "looks". She mopes ... I swear, I used to joke all the time that I thought she was obsessed with our food, because whenever we are eating, she is FOCUSED. She never takes her eye off of our plate and follows the fork to our mouth with her gaze, drooling all the while. In the past, we were both very generous with our food ... and Maizie ALWAYS got the last bite. She still sits quietly, waiting ... but the last bite doesn't come ... she mopes into the kitchen, gives us "the look", then proceeds to eat her own prescription food. We have been giving her extra hugs, kisses, and games of fetch, which normally is played to exhaustion anyway! I hope this food trial is conclusive ... so far, I don't see any change in the bumps/irritated area on her back, but I know it won't happen overnight. Patience and faith ... 2 things I don't have very much of at times, for some odd reason.

Shower time ...

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