Friday, January 9, 2009

Girl Time

Today is a "girl" day ... well, a "girl" afternoon anyway ... a girlfriend, Chrissy, is coming here, then we're going to Athens to have some Mexican food. I can't wait to take her to my favorite place. It's called "La Parilla". I'm not sure what it means, but I know it's excellent food and service. While in town, I want to find some Crocs, then I've decided to buy the "Twilight" series. I've been hearing great things about it.

Does anyone watch "You Are What You Eat"? It's on BBCA. I'm wondering what my table would look like if they put everything I consumed in a week's time on it. I'm afraid of THAT!
OMG, they also look at the subject's "poo"!!!! LOL

I'm enjoying my day off today .. slept in till 0930. (worked till 11pm last night) Got up, had my coffee, channel-surfed a bit, then started some laundry. Cleaned my bathtub/shower (including the drain ... GROSS). Figured I'd get a quick blog in while I'm waiting on Chrissy. Gotta load the dishwasher before I leave, too.

We have Erin, my stepdaughter, this weekend. Not sure what we have planned, but I need to put some office-cleaning time in. I'm sure she won't think that's "fun". Somehow, she has it in her head that everytime she comes here, we HAVE to do something fun, or go somewhere fun ... I think her dad started that after he divorced her mom ... now she expects it and is disappointed if we just have a regular weekend at home doing odd things that have been put off throughout the week. My thoughts? Marty can go do something fun with her ... :) Will the step-mother unconditional love ever kick in? I know it's possible, cause I had a stepmother from age 12 on ... it took a while, but we have a lot of love for one another now. I told her, not long ago, that when I was young and she was new to the household, I hated her and flipped her off behind closed doors. She surprised me by telling me she was on the other side of the door, giving me the same gesture ... LOL

OK ... dishwasher time. I procrastinate SO MUCH. I hate it. I don't know how to stop it. Anyone?

Ya'll have a lovely day!


  1. If you ever find/invent a cure for procrastination you'll HAVE to let me in on the secret.

  2. good blog...

    we have two scotties..George and Maddie

    best wishes