Thursday, January 15, 2009

Optimism vs. Realism

OMG it's chilly outside today! It's pretty bad when I actually have to leave Georgia and go to Kansas to warm up!! Maizie went to her doggy door this morning, poked her nose out, and came right back in. It's even too cold for the pair of blue birds that frequent my front yard every morning. I have my camera out in my office in hopes of catching them one of these days ... they are beautiful!

I have much to do before my trip home this weekend ... laundry ... rental car ... pack ... being the professional procrastinator that I am, it'll all wait ... except for the car ... I've GOT to do that today. My brothers are planning to get me drunk Saturday night ... we used to tie it on pretty good, but I've become wimpy in my old age! When you grow up in Kansas, there are just a few things to do for fun ... we had a LOT of fun growing up ... ;) I should have some funny pictures to share.

Daughter and I had a good talk last night ... she's so optimistic, which is good, but ... I think it's possible to be TOO optimistic. She wants it all ... and I do feel she can have whatever she wants, but the problem is, she wants it all NOW ... she just keeps telling me, "I think it'll be OK .. I'll be fine." The issue, she just moved home with us due to the condo she shared with 2 other girls sold, and she decided to come back home to save some $$ while she's deciding what direction to go with school/career. She does pay her car insurance, and has 2 credit cards (with low balances) that she's paying off. Well, she wants to get a different car ... hers isn't bad, but it's questionable how much longer it'll hold out. Now that she doesn't have rent to pay, she thinks she can handle a minimal car payment (around $300/month). What I told her is, I'm worried she's going to get herself into a financial situation that is going to make it really difficult to go back to school. She thinks "it'll be fine". "It'll all work out, Mom ... don't worry so much." It's so hard to get them to see the bigger picture. She's optimistic .. I'm real. Maybe she'll listen to me.


  1. I doubt it....haha. I know this because A) I have a 21 yo daughter and B) I WAS 21 once upon a time.

    Affording the car now while she is living with you is good but how long is the car payment for? Is she planning on staying with you for 5 years or is there a greater plan like getting a dream job or marrying rich?

  2. Hey I just realized you changed the name of your blog!!

  3. Marcy, before I feel sorry for you, I have to know how chilly "chilly" is. Anyway, can't thank you enough for your support - I am devastated to be confused on the other blog- MD thinking I was racist. I can't even think straight. Fresh MD (a friend) tried to help but I'm not sure what the "other MD" perceives.
    And Boo said it best - - - have a good weekend.

  4. Nice to see you have been as cold as we have!
    I am also pleased you like my stories of Belle and Nonnie and their games around the churchyard
    there is a photo of them together at

    (on 14th january on my blog)
    best wishes

  5. ps I love you pics of Maisie at christmas

    my george is the spit of her