Sunday, January 4, 2009

Template Shemplate

I want a fun look to my blog. I've come across some really fancy, unique layouts. After doing a google search, I found a site that supports Blogger ... picked out a nice layout ... did the copy and paste, per the instructions, but it didn't work ... error ... I gave up. :) but only for now.

I'm so glad I decided to blog ... I have a few following me now, and I'm following a few ... you're all so nice and supportive. We all share a frame of mind in being here, don't we.

I've been craving rice krispy treats, so made some tonight ... now that I have Mindy's famous chocolate wafer cookie recipe, I'll have to try those out next weekend! My mouth is watering already.

This week, I'm working Monday - Thursday, and have to make a trip to Atlanta for meetings on Wednesday. ugh ... sure do dread that. Once I'm there, it's OK ... good to see everyone in the office ... it's just the drive and traffic. I'm so thankful I don't have to do it 4 days/week anymore ... did that for 8 long months last year! Can't believe I've been with the company for nearly a year ... I do miss bedside nursing some, but my knees and hips and feet don't miss it AT ALL.

Well, I promised hubby I wouldn't stay up till 2am again tonight, so ... off to bed I go!


  1. Blogging is addictive in such a good way - I love all the friends I've met - and one learns a lot from each one.

  2. I love Rice Krispy treats! I make them all the time...

  3. I've actually met (in real life) 10 bloggers from as close as Maine all the way to Washington State. BLogging has gotten me into trouble but it has also saved my sanity.