Thursday, January 8, 2009

Can of biscuits

I worked yesterday (in Atlanta) from 12:30pm till 11:00pm ... left my house at 10:30am yesterday morning, got home at 12:30am this morning. Of course, I had to stay up and watch Nancy Grace (god, she drives me crazy with her over-dramatic antics). WHY did I volunteer to do 2 late days/week for a while???? Usually, I'll be doing them from home, unless they spring a meeting or class that requires I go into the office. It WAS good to see other work@home folks, though ... made me not wanna get on the phone .. I just wanted to visit!

Being gone all day yesterday, I got behind on reading my blogs, so most of my time has been commenting this morning on ones I'm following. Everyone is so unique ... yet similar. I'm so glad I've come here.

A quick funny before I jump in the shower ... I am going to Kansas a week from Saturday for 4 days to see my parents. 2 of my brothers have decided to meet me there for a "reunion" ... LOL when we get together, it's like walking onto a SNL set! Does anyone here have a brother in his 40s who still lights his farts? Anyway, this particular brother is always giving me a hard time because I've gotten a bit "greener" with age, and was telling him about the economy car I'm renting to drive from Wichita to my parents house ... he told me I should just get a Smart Car. We had a good laugh about that because ... I could stand to lose about 75 lbs. He said when I pull up into Dad's driveway and open the door, it'd be like opening a can of biscuits.

Have a great day! :)


  1. That brother needs a major noogie and then a massive wedgie!!

  2. He's witty but are you able to "still beat him up"?