Thursday, March 26, 2009

Adam and A Fork in the Job Path ...

OK ... not sure if this is short-lived or not, but I have a new found love for Adam. He is by far proving to be the most original, versatile artist in AI history. I'm not overly fond of his screaming rocker voice, but he definitely can sing ... absolutely loved him last night.

I am possibly approaching a job decision this next week ... I have been fairly dis-satisfied with my current job for some time ... even though I "work at home", this translates out to "we-still-watch-your-every-move-virtually" ... and I am a nurse ... I take care of sick people ... I take care of people who NEED me ... yes, some of these people need ... something ... motivation ... a little bit of education ... but they, for the most part, don't call for me ... I'm calling them ... intruding at all hours of the day into their world, expecting them to be as excited as I am (yeah right) about this program which, when it comes right down to it, will save their insurance company money in the long-run if they take my wonderful advice. *deep breath* Another bottom line (and I don't know why this surprises/bothers me) ... these corporations don't really care about people ... they care about numbers ... especially the ones with the "$" in front of them. I don't give 2 shits about numbers anymore ... I just want to make a difference in folks' lives, like I used to in the hospital setting ... sure, I don't miss the aching back, throbbing feet every night when I get home, but ... I miss the respect and appreciation (for the most part), and the sense that I'm actually doing something good here ... I miss my relationships with fellow nurses and doctors.

One of my old nurse friends took a job about 1.5 years ago with a local hospice company. We've kept in touch and she loves it ... she called a few weeks ago and told me they had an opening. After a very tough week last week, I decided to throw some bait out and dropped my resume off at the office in Athens ... got a call yesterday from the director asking when I could come in for an interview. It's happening Monday. Hospice ..... hmmm ... something I've never really done (one experience, needs a post of it's own). I'm such a sap and tend to get attached to my patients fairly easily ... we will see. Hopefully the wage is comparable to what I'm making now. I guess maybe the bottom line for everyone these days is $$.


  1. I don't know if I could do hospice. So sad. But, I definitely admire you for it, because the world definitely needs people to ease others out of this life and into the next. My dad's home hospice nurse was awful. I am bitter to this day over what happened.

    My dad called me one day and said to come home, that he wasn't going to make it til Christmas, when I was scheduled to come for my next visit. I arrived around ten pm, two days before Thanksgiving, flying in from NM, and when I walked through my parents front door, my dad was trying to sit upright in his bed (we had a hospital bed in the great room so he could be near my mom)and the nurse was trying to get him to lie back down. I helped him sit up and said that I was there. He said my name and then started to doze. I told him I had a long day of flying, so I was going to bed and I would see him in the morning.

    Well, he didn't make it until the morning. The "death rattle" started about five am, and the nurse (who should have realized what was happening) ignored it, and just sat on the couch while my dad died. She didn't mention it to my mom, who was awake and sitting right there, she didn't say we better gather the family together--nothing. So, basically, my dad died alone with his family around him, but not WITH him. You know? I still get mad everytime I think about it.

    Sorry for the little vent. Lol.

  2. Oh yeah, and not sure what to think about Adam. That guy can sing, but I don't know what he is really inside. I can tell Danny is a genuinely nice guy, but Adam is like a closed book to me. Lol. I do think he will win, though.

  3. The world could do with a few more people who care more about making a difference than lining their pockets.

  4. I think you'd make a wonderful hospice nurse.Hope it's right for you and good luck with the interview.

  5. Oh man, my husband is going through this same thing with his job. He works from home, when he's not traveling, but the hours are killing him and his boss is a micro-manager. Ugh.