Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Popping in ...

OK faithful bloggers ... I'm off to Atlanta for the day for an "important meeting". Kinda sucks cause today's Marty's 44th birthday and I didn't even get to see him today (it was dark when he kissed me g'bye this morning and he'll be in bed by the time I get home tonight). However, we celebrated last night ... Kayla and I took him to his favorite eatery, Logan's Roadhouse, in Athens. The wait staff got wind "somehow" it was his birthday, made him stand in the middle of the restaurant, and invited the entire crowd to join them in a big "Logan's YEEEEEEEEEHAAAWWWWWW!" ... he could have died and blamed it all on me, but I swear, I didn't ask for it ... they must've seen him opening his gift bag and cards at the table. ;)

I was offline for several days, literally ... I think it's Boo's fault .. I swear that wench made it snow like a bitch down here in beautiful Georgia ... we were without power for a while ... but that didn't even hurt me as bad as being without my internet!!! Damn ... where are my priorities? Well, Boo got hers .... by the time the storm got up to her, it intensified ... that'll show her! ;)

Ya'll have a good one ... I have tons of pictures of Maizie in the snow (she LOVED it) and some of our birthday celebration last night ...

I've missed ya'll ... you'll be getting comments from me soon. Thanks, by the way, to all the well-wishers during my recovery!!!


  1. Wow aren't we a spiteful one????? ;-)

    Hey, all the Maine stuff I sent was supposed to be the snow crap. I don't know how the blue tarp got in there. We Mainers are know for covering more than thne woodpile with the tarp. Some people even use it as roofing.

    Happy Birthday Marty!!

  2. We've been having seventy degree weather! Very rare for Albuquerque in March! Sorry--don't meaan to rub it

    And Happy Birthday Marty!

  3. Happy birthday Marty!

    Hope you're fully recovered now. And if you're not then I hope it's not much longer.

    It doesn't usually bother me too much when I'm without internet for whatever reason. I enjoy my time on my PC and on the blogs and such, but if I can't get online then it's no big deal. Kelly (my hubby) however, "needs" to be able to go on the PC. If he can't then he's a pain in the butt to be around.

  4. Happy birthday, Marty. I think you're right on to blame Boo!Take care.

  5. Happy Birthday to Marty! Glad to hear he got a bit of an extra suprise at his birthday dinner. *grin*

    Hope the snow lasted just long enough to enjoy for a bit, before melting away. (Hey, we were predicted to have another "major" storm hit us last night, with 4 inches today, and another 6 tomorrow. *sigh* MY mantra has become "it keeps the wild-fires from burning", along with "it's STILL only March, and it IS Alaska.")

    Enjoy your trip to Atlanta!