Sunday, March 8, 2009

Redneck Yacht Club

We have a family friend who has a cabin at the lake up by the GA/SC state line ... we are welcome there anytime and he goes every weekend, as does my sister in law, Gigi. We named ourselves "The Redneck Yacht Club" because in the summertime, all tie our boats together and party it up at one of the beaches on the lake. Last summer, the lake dropped drastically, so most of our time was spent at the cabin. When Brooks built the cabin there, he built a small little cabin behind it and that's where we usually stay when we're up there, unless there's a lot of folks gathering there, then it's "first come-first served". He offered to rent it to us for $75.00/month, unlimited use, and it's up to us who we let stay in there when we're not there. (reason, some people were not taking care of it, trashing it, letting their dogs pee all over the carpet, chew up the blinds, etc) It needs some time and attention ... and some paint inside. For some odd reason, the interior is 2-tone ... about 2.5 feet up from the floor, it's a olive green .... white board separating, then upper part is YELLOW. Hello, John Deere? Well, we'll be changing that .... getting our own bed and linens in there ... it'll be a nice little retreat! Went there last night .. tried to have a campfire outside, but someone didn't cover the wood, and it got saturated with the snow last weekend ... :( We usually have a fire every weekend, especially in the cooler months.

My friend, Brenda (a member of the "Redneck Yacht Club"; she and her husband introduced me to Marty) was recently diagnosed with Stage III Lymphoma, promptly followed by bone cancer (ribs, spine, pelvis). She remains optimistic on one hand, but she is a nurse. My sis in law, Gigi, and I, as well as Marty and Brooks are throwing a meal together to take to them tonight. My job is the potato salad (referred to as "tater salad" here in Georgia). My tater salad is requested frequently ... I put egg, bacon and cheese in mine .... ;) Rest of the meal includes ribs from Brenda's favorite restaurant up at the lake, Gumlog, chicken strips, and mac 'n cheese. Typical southern heart attack food ... :)

Blog friends .... please welcome one of my dearest friends in the whole wide world ... we have been friends for over 30 years, and I decided to introduced her to this site and hope she finds therapy through words as I have ...

Happy Sunday, everyone ... :)


  1. sprucing up the cabin sounds fun...and I'm sorry for your friend, but miracles can and do happen. :)

  2. Aw Marce, Im sorry to hear about Brenda. I'll keep her in my prayers!
    Thanks for the introduction too. By the way,,LOVED "aahh Kansas, where you can watch your dog run away for 3 days"!!

  3. Sprucing up the cabin sounds like a fun project.

    Sorry to hear about your friend.

    Hope you all enjoyed your dinner together.