Sunday, March 22, 2009

Blowin in the wind ...

Happy Sunday!

I had to work yesterday, so after that, we met in Commerce, GA at Longhorn for a celebratory dinner for my friend, Brenda and her husband, Merle ... married for 40+ years. (she's my friend who was recently diagnosed with lymphoma and bone cancer) A good time was had by all! OH and Brenda and Merle are stopping by in a few minutes with their white miniature schnauzer, Zoe ... Maizie loves Zoe! I should have some good pictures for later.

Today, Marty, Erin (my step daughter) and I are headed to Atlanta to have lunch with Marty's mom and step-dad, then we're going to Marty's dad's gravesite. Marty has not been since his dad was buried 24 years ago. I asked him why it's been so long ... he doesn't know, just hasn't. I guess it's been quite a while since Marty's mom has been also. It has been several years since I've been to my Mom's gravesite (she died when I was 12 from cancer). Even when I go "home", I still don't make a point to go "out there" ... and I now have a few friends "out there" as well, but I still don't go. Recently, I made a decision (and told Marty, because I don't have a Will) that when I die, I want to be cremated. I don't want people feeling guilty for not coming to my gravesite. I want to be everywhere .. in the wind ..... in the trees .... in the water.


  1. Hey Marcy! Yep, dinner party was fun until my husband and our realtor started talking boring business of selling our house. We're going over there in a couple weeks and vowed not to talk business. Lol.

    And when I go get all my blood work next month, they are going to check for diabetes, too. It runs heavily in my family, and she seemed a little concerned with that and with my difficult pregnancies(high bp during them and 80 pounds weight gain for all three, plus two miscarriages). Air Force doctors are just not often very caring or thorough, so its hard to find one that really wants to solve your problem. The men military doctors (and I am stereotyping, but with one exception, it has been the case for me), don't really care about the spouses problems and tend to do the "quick fix." One had the nerve to tell me about a year and a half ago, that although I could have strep throat (he took a quick peek and careless swab), he "wasnt allowed" to give me antibiotics until the test results came back, and that we had plenty of time, because as long as you get antibiotics within ten days, you're ok. Well, that's maybe ok (not really) if you didn't have to take your possible strep home to three kids and your husband was away on TDY. Then, after 12 (yes TWELVE, past the 10 day limit)days, I went to pick up another prescription, and guess what? I had antibiotics waiting for me, because the strep test DID come back positive and no one called!!!! I am so glad I am with a female civilian endocrinologist! She was VERY thorough and caring and really seemed like she wanted to help me. :)

  2. And that is a good way to go...just sort of mixing with nature...

    And you look like one of the rare people i could actually be friends with. I just "know" sometimes, ya know?

  3. Love the pictures and the words. Look like a great bunch.

  4. Glad the dinner went well.

    That's what I'd like to have happen. Much better than being stuck under ground to rot while people either leave your grave to get over-grown or spend fortunes on flowers you can't appreciate any more anyway.