Thursday, March 12, 2009

Adam who?

I consider myself a very good judge of music character ... I can usually pick-em early on (audition stage) every year ... this year, I have my pick ... but I simply don't get the hype over Adam ... I mean, yeah ... he has a very unique look ... and when he's not SCREAMING and wagging his tongue like Gene Simmons, he's not a bad singer ... but I just don't get it. The judges loved him Tuesday night ... WTF??? ... apparently, America doesn't mind him either.

My pick? Danny ... not just because of his story ...


  1. I like Danny, too. Yeah, Adam has an "Idol" stage presence and a good voice, but I tend to pick the "nice guys." Like Danny and Michael Sarver. Those are my two favorites.

  2. I've never watched the show - someday I will catch up on all these programs!

  3. I haven't bothered watching American Idol this year. I never got in to it really. Besides, I can't vote because of not being in the US, so it takes away half of the fun of it. Glad you're enjoying it though, and hope Danny wins for you.