Monday, March 9, 2009

Cabin pics

As you can see, the water is a ways back ... usually it comes right up into the cove ... I'm hoping it makes it back up this summer!!! That is our view from the back deck. Note the little back deck on our little cabin ... we have big plans to clean that up soon and make it functional ... I have visions of us sitting out there, watching the squirrels chase each other through those tall trees. Also, note on the big cabin the cedar siding (they did that about 3 months ago) ... gonna do that to our little cabin as well so it matches. Will take some "before" shots of the interior before we get started.


  1. Marce, you look more and more like your mom every time I see ya. When I was looking at these pics, I remember one time when I was at your house and she was playing the guitar and singing. Then she made us rice fries. :)

  2. Uh...other pics. Not these. LOL!