Monday, March 23, 2009

Cemetary experience & Maizie's friends

Cemetary visit was interesting ... went well. We ended up walking through the entire grounds, which was good because we had just consumed a meal riddled with carboyhdrates and fat! (good ol Georgia BBQ!) Saw some interesting graves ... I noticed that the oriental folks adorn the gravestones with what I think is the deceased's "favorite things" ... saw some little matchbox cars on one ... saw an opened Heineken beer on another ... saw a lemon pie, which had been removed from the box and placed on top of it on another aside an opened can of root beer. A common item I saw was a bowl of fruit. (I did not take pics, as ... not sure it was respectful). Sure did make me wonder.

Maizie had a fun visit from Zoe. She is much more aggressive and forward than Miss Zoe, however, so I think Zoe was done with the visit much sooner than Maizie.

Maizie has a new friend who has been coming to see her daily ... I know he belongs to someone, but his tag does not identify him or his owner. We have named him "Mr. Shitz". He comes to the gate and we let him in ... if dogs had a WWF, Maizie would be a champion. Poor Mr. Shitz gets rolled often, but doesn't seem to mind it. They chase each other to the point of exhaustion. So funny ... at first glance, Mr. Shitz is cute, but up close, not so much ... and he appears to possibly be blind in one eye, but not sure. He could have used some doggie braces at some point, as his underbite is significant! His tail sure wags when he visits. The first time, he was constantly trying to mount poor Maizie, but he doesn't try anymore ... she moves much too fast for such nonsense!(good for you, Maizie!!!)

Ahh Monday ... well, today will be spent in my office ... I have some things due today. We have an audit at our company by one of our big clients, and I am on the dedicated team for that client, so ... we have to make things look pretty for their visit (3/31 and 4/1). The days leading up to and the days of are very stressful. I will be glad when it's behind us.


  1. Awww.its great Maizie has a friend! And Zoe is a white schnauzer, right? My mom had one named Max. Max was very bad. Very loving and affectionate, but the minute you stepped out of the house, things got shredded. Bad. Lol. He once shredded a book I had left on the floor while visiting my mom, and I mean it, the pages were literally all over the house.

  2. Glad Maizie enjoyed her play sessions with Zoe and her new friend. :)

  3. I bought a home blood sugar tester yesterday, and discovered my blood glucose is LOW both fasting and after I eat sugar. Wonder what that means?

  4. Lovely photo of the sun up over the cross, Marce! Glad your day went well, and that Maizie got to have a play date! Mr Shitz looks like a Lhasa Apso, or a Shih Tzu. You should keep him! :)

  5. The dogs looks so cute together.

  6. It looks like playtime was fun!!! Maizie has quite a bit of energy I would say! She is just so adorable!!!!

    I see things left at the cemetary, too. People leave things that the person loved. I thought about leaving a Cadbury Egg for Jordan, however I am afraid it would collect ants.

    Have a happy day,