Thursday, March 12, 2009

Beginning of a new habit??

**UPDATE** By the time I finished this posting, the sun is glaring and I'm having a difficult time seeing my screen regardless of where I relocate myself out here ... is there some sort of ... shield for the screen for situations such as this?

OK so ... did not really plan to enjoy today. I worked in Atlanta yesterday, so didn't get home from work till 10:30pm last night (job is not going so well ... if I can bring myself to talk about it, I may post) ... Kayla was waiting for me ... DVR remote in hand, TV frozen on Ryan Seacrest's face ... he was mid-sentence, "THIS ...... is Amer ..... ican Idol!" Watched that (totally agreed w/ the vote-offs), then we had to chat for a while .. Kayla is really wanting to get a different job ... I think it's silly w/ the job situations as they are everywhere, but .... she's 21 .. what do I know? Anyway, didn't get to bed till 0100 this AM. I knew I had to get up and have Maizie at the Vet for grooming between 7:30 and 8:30am today. I rolled out of bed .. put a pot of coffee on ... even managed to load and start the dishwasher, take Maizie to the Vet (15 minutes one-way), and am now back home (it's 8:35am) and decided to take my cup of coffee and laptop out on the back deck ... have my favorite Atlanta radio station playing in the background ...

I am LOVING this. It's a bit chilly, my fingers are not functioning at 100%, but the air is fresh ... before it got completely sunny out, I hear the neighborhood roosters doing their thing ... I think in the coming weeks, the mornings won't be quite so crisp and I won't have to stop and hold my coffee cup for thawing purposes. I've been looking for a new habit ... I may have just found it. I have always loved the view from my back deck ... everything is getting green ... YES!

*Note to self: get insulated coffee cup from top of cabinet so coffee stays hot longer than 5 minutes.

Happy Thursday, everyone ... don't think I mentioned it, but Marty, Kayla and I are headed to Norfolk, VA tomorrow when they get home from work ... Kayla's boyfriend, Drew, is putting in new kitchen cabinets and asked for Marty's help ... Kayla and I will spend the weekend ... well ... doing what we do ... eating ... shopping ... ;) We'll be sure to bring the guys some food here and there! Maizie's going, also ... that is unchartered territory for her . . LONG car ride. Hope she does OK.

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  1. Is there a pic somewhere of the view from your deck? Would love to "be there" with ya! Have a great time this weekend!