Friday, March 6, 2009

Maizie loves snow

We got over a foot of snow last weekend here in Georgia ... at first, it was very wet and became slush when it hit the ground ... within 2 hours, we actually saw some accumulation ... turned out to be a pretty nasty storm for us ... 19,000 people in N. Georgia were actually without power for several days ... and I was without internet for 2 whole days!!!!! (I know ... my priorities are screwed lol)

Maizie LOVED the cold, white stuff falling from the sky ... LOVED it. We let her out in the backyard to "potty", thinking she'd gingerly find her a place, do her business, and come back in ... WRONG. 15 minutes later, Marty had to go out and get her ... she had clumps of snowballs stuck to the fur on the back of her legs and belly and beard .... had to dunk her in the warm tub to get it all out!!! She literally sat at the window all day long watching it snow ... no nap ... very few outside breaks ... hardly any eating ... so funny!

The snow is all gone now ... they're forecasting 78 degrees tomorrow! Ahhhhh ... Spring is right around the corner!!!!

My nose started hurting last night ... way up inside. I'm worried a bit because I'm a bit congested on the right side today and have a bit of a sore throat .... I'm about to call my ENT.

Ya'll have a great Friday ... :)


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Maizie is a sweetheart. What is it about Scotty eyes that melt your heart. Snow in Georgia? Who would have thought.

  2. I SOOOO have to get a Scotty. I love those dogs! I hope your nose is ok!

  3. Maizie (so cute) looks just like a dog our neighbors had named Max. I called him the A-frame dog because of the way he stood with his legs slanted out.

  4. Kero used to be as taken with the snow as Maizie, but this year he's not been interested. He wouldn't chase snowballs for me or anything. And he only stayed out for 5 minutes, if that, and that was only because I was out there making snowcastles and a snowdog (well, everyone makes snowmen... I wanted to be different).

    Hope the nose and throat thing isn't going to turn in to a problem and mean another trip in to hospital or something. *hugs*

  5. Dogs, kids and snow -
    Hope med report was Ok.